Devotionals for March

As we head into March God has really been speaking to me about His love for each of us. It seems that every minister, every message that I have heard, speaks about the love that God has for each of us. It is almost as though each message is a continuation of the last one I heard, even though the messenger is different. One speaker pointed out that God loves us so much that when a man sinned he could take a lamb to the area priest and the man was never examined for what he had done. The priest would examine the lamb and if the lamb was perfect then the man was off the hook. If the lamb was not perfect then the man had a problem. The man was never held accountable, the lamb was. This is also true of Christ, the perfect Lamb of God. He died so that we would not be examined for our sins, but that the "Lamb of God" would be held responsible. That is love! God shows us in Isaiah 53:6 that He laid All sin of the world on the lamb. In Isaiah 53:11 He goes on to say that He was satisfied that the debt was paid. We don't have a debt to pay! Hallelujah!!! The word "was" denotes past tense, something already taken care of. This debt was settled long before we were born, for all of mankind, so how can we do anything to mess it up?

That is like saying that no matter what you do, or don't do, God will not look at you, but will only look at the "lamb". God has further shown me that it is the revelation, the picture, of this kind of love that draws people to Him, and is what inspires people to make better decisions, to behave in ways that will not only be healthier for them, but will glorify and honor God the father. The more we know and understand the love someone has for us, the more we desire to honor that love by behaving in ways that honor them. The same is true of having a greater revelation of the love God has for us. It is no longer "things" that I have to do out of obligation, fear, guilt, or shame. I desire to read the word, I desire to spend time with the Lord my father, and I desire to make good choices, because I know how much He loves me.

As you read through the devotions for this month, one for each week, reflect on what each one means to you concerning God's love for you, and ask God for a deeper revelation of His love. As Easter approaches I pray that you will have a greater understanding of what God did for you at the cross, and that the debt has been paid in full!!!

Note: "hummingbird", a person who truly loves God and is getting a greater revelation of God's love for her, wrote these devotionals.

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four

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